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About Ojibwe Cosmetics

At Ojibwe Cosmetics & Clothing, we are dedicated to provide our clients the highest caliber cosmetics and clothing that will enable them to show their distinct sense of fashion and personality. We take great pride in setting trends worldwide and we intend to stick around! Our products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and materials and our cosmetics are 100% cruelty-free, so you can be confident that you're getting the best of the best.

Meet The Founder

Rachel's Story

Ojibwe Cosmetics started out as a little girls dream that she later made her reality.

Rachel Seenie-Ferreira's dream of being an actress, cosmetologist, hairdresser and owner of her own clothing line began as scenes played during sleepovers as a little girl. Since she can remember, these were not only her dreams but, her set goals; Her Aspirations; Her purpose. A purpose she has made sure to live up to. Rachel turned all of her dreams into her reality beginning with acting in movies, continuing with owning her own salon, and now with Ojibwe Cosmetics.

By 1998 Rachel decided it was time to start her own cosmetics & clothing line and hasn't stopped since. She named her brand OJIBWE after the Native American tribe she so proudly comes from in Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation in Manitoba, Canada.

Today Rachel is a child of God, a wife, a mom of 3, grandmother of 2 little boys, has chickens, cats, and dogs, is the proud owner of OJIBWE Cosmetics & Clothing, an actress in several movies including a film currently on Netflix and Amazon Prime called "We Were Children", and the owner of a beauty salon named Ojibwe Hair Salon & Cosmetics, where her passion & goal is to make her customers leave her presence feeling loved and looking as beautiful as they desire to be.

In her words,

"When I see a customer happy it heals me from all of the sadness I've encountered

from childhood trauma" ~ Rachel Seenie-Ferreira

No matter the obstacles within her journey to success, Rachel has never given up on herself nor has she lost sight of her dreams and aspirations. With all that she has endured, she still finds time to do for others and runs her businesses to serve others who need to be uplifted. Because of this Rachel also gives a portion of her profits from OJIBWE and feeds the homeless once a month. Therefore, every purchase you make helps feed families in need. She is a proud Christian trying to spread the love of God through any means she can and she does it to see a smile on other peoples faces.  

If you would like to help Rachel feed the homeless & families in need, you can donate funds towards the cause by clicking on the button bellow. With your help, Rachel can feed more families and feed them more frequently.



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